Wildfire jdbc exceptions

Hi there… I just deployed wildfire to a production server and i am getting a nasty problem… while everything was ok in test environment production keeps giving me an EOF exception from the database and keeps missing insertions into the mysql database…

I pushed up number of connections and timeout but it keeps failing… any idea on what might be happening?

Hey Carlos,

Have you checked if the user connecting to the production database has enough permissions? We would need to see the errors that you have in your error.log and warn.log to find out what is going on in more detail.


– Gato

I think I have it isolated… it is nothing from Wildfire it seems… MySQL is closing jdbc connections (low connection pool slots) so I am migrating to wildfire’'s native internal DB with no direct user/auth integration to check for results

Basically java.io.exceptions for broken pipes in mysql jdbc driver si all I get from the logs… I will also have my sahre with pconnects to fine tune the mysql/php side but for now I think using internal wildfire db is the shortest path for the moment