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Wildfire +JWChat + Tomcat

Hi all,

I am trying to use JWchat along with Wildfire deployed in the Tomcat webserver. I went through the URL http://www.blochberger.de/en_jwchat_how_to.htm, but it describes a lot of configuration for an Apache Server as well. I also searched through messages in this forum, but could not find any post describing this.

Can anyone kindly let me know the steps for running JWChat with Wildfire in the Tomcat webserver?

Thanks in advance,



read the manual which is available here /url- as JS does not offer a wildfirehome.zip you should download wildfire.zip and use it (after removing folder admin/) as wildfirehome, extract it for example to c:\wildfirehome or /home/tomcat/wildfirehome.

Rename wildfire_2_6_2.war to wildfire.war and use also jwchat.war without version info.

Add “-DwildfireHome=c:/wildfirehome” which matches your wildfirehome to the Tomcat start script or catalina script and restart Tomcat. Copy then wildfire.war and jwchat.war to wepapps/ and let Tomcat deploy the files. You may need to edit JWCHats config.js before you can use it. Navigate to http://host:8080/wildfire/ to configure Wildfire and then to http://host:8080/jwchat/ to use JWChat.


Hi LG,

Thanks very much for your reply. I now have the Wildfire Server running on my machine (host name - “navneetg”). I also deployed the JWchat war file in Tomcat and was able to launch the login page for JWchat.

The JWChat config.js file looks like this:

var SITENAME = “localhost”

var DEFAULTRESOURCE = “jwchat”;




var timerval = 2000; // poll frequency in msec

var stylesheet = “jwchat.css”;

var THEMESDIR = “themes”;


var DEFAULTCONFERENCESERVER = “conference.localhost”;

var DEBUG = false; // turn debugging on

var DEBUG_LVL = 2; // debug-level 0…4 (4 = very noisy)

var USE_DEBUGJID = true; // if true only DEBUGJID gets the debugger

var DEBUGJID = “admin@localhost”; // which user get’'s debug messages

I am unable to understand what change do I need to make to the JWchat config.js to make it connect to Wildfire Server hosted on my machine.

When I launched the JWchat login page, it prompted me for the server name, and I entered my machine name which hosts the Wifi server.

However, I got a message box saying “Internal Server Error. Disconnected. Reconnect?”

I am not able to connect to Wifi server using JWchat.

Sorry, if I am missing a very obvious thing and thanks in advance for your reply.



I did change these lines:

var SITENAME = “myhostname.com” // matches my Wifi xmpp.domain



so I’‘m using the absolute path and it’‘s more easy to change the domain as it is defined only with SITENAME, anyhow I don’'t think that one of it is the reason for the problem you see.

JHB requires an unencrypted connection to port 5222, so if you did change the port or did configure Wifi to require encrypted connections it will fail.

Hi LG,

Thanks very much for all your help. I had changed the Wildfire client port to 80, changing it back to 5222 resolved the problem. I am able to get JWchat and Wifi running together in the Tomcat webserver.

Thanks once again. Just for my understanding can you clarify if my following understanding about the JwChat-Wifi combination is correct.

JWChat connects to the JHB (Jabber HTTP Binding) servlet at the webserver port, which, in turn, redirects the request to the Wifi XMPP port (which is 5222). Wifi then sends the XMPP response to the JHB servlet, which, in turn, sends back a HTTP response to JWChat client.

Is the above understanding correct?

Thanks in advance for your reply.



it works as far as I did understand it like you described it.

You could theoretically separate the static JWChat web pages, JHB and Wildfire and run three servers, the browser reads the static JWChat pages and reads / posts directly to JHB. And JHB is the HTTP-2-XMPP gateway if one wants to call it like this.