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Wildfire LDAP/JID question

Hey guys,

I asked this on the chat today but I had to run soon afterwards. I’'ll repeat it here.

I set up WF with our company LDAP successfully. The problem is that our company uses our email for our user ID. So, I can’'t log into WF as admin because the @ in my ID is escaped.

I did a test with the server in normal authentication mode and created a user JID in email format. I could log into WF from spark with the ID in email format. I know email as ID is problematic but unfortunately that’‘s what we’‘ve got here. I’‘m wondering if there’‘s some way to make this work, especially given that I could create a JID with an @ sign in it and use it from spark. If not I’'m thinking maybe I could insert some code in the LDAP authentication/user creation process to change the @ sign to some other character.



Hey Jay,

So is the problem only when trying to log in from the admin console? Is it working fine when logging in from Spark?


– Gato

Hey Gato,

Thanks for responding.

Yeah, I can hook up LDAP but can’'t login with my email (allenj@bigcompany.com) which is unfortunately my LDAP ID in our system.

In a separate test I installed WF and used normal authentication. I could get in the admin of course as the default admin user. Once in I created an ID (this was a different install so it wasn’‘t already there) allenj@bigcompany.com. I could connect to WF from spark using this ID. I don’'t know if this test means anything but it indicated to me that @ was allowed in an ID.

Anyway, if it’‘s not possible to have JIDs with @ signs in them (makes sense, I don’‘t know why my test worked) I’‘ll have to think of a workaround for my LDAP problem. With the LDAP install I couldn’‘t even get into the admin; I couldn’‘t connect with spark as allenj@bigcompany.com either but since I couldn’‘t get into the admin I’‘m not sure that ID was even created yet. I’‘m hoping maybe it’‘s just something with the admin screen escaping @’'s; if so I can hack that myself.