Wildfire & Microsoft SQL Server 2005


We will soon be installing our live wildfire server and want to use a Microsoft SQL database.

We will be running SQL Server 2005, is Wildfire compatible with this version of SQL?



One of my installations is on Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server 2005. No problems and nothing special to know.

Could you give me a break down of how you setup MS SQL server to accomodate wildfire? From security on the database to wildfire.

Sure easy enough…

Installed SQL Server 2005 with all defaults except set authentication to both Windows and SQL Server.

From SQL Server Management Studio…

Under Security/Logons created a new login “wildfire”, set to SQL Server authentication and password “wildfire” and unchecked the password restrictions.

Created database “wildfire” taking all defaults.

Under Databases/wildfire/Security/Users created a new user “wildfire” and mapped it to the “wildfire” login created earlier. Made it db_owner.

Installed and started wildfire using the directions.

Connected to http://localhost:9090/ and went through the setup screens…

Chose “Standard Database” for the database connection type.

On the next screen, chose Microsoft SQL Server for the driver presets.

In Database URL replaced with “localhost” and and with “wildfire”.

Set the username and password to “wildfire” and “wildfire”

Continued through the setup dialogs.