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Wildfire, MSN Transport and Restricted Contacts


First off, apologies if this has been asked/answered before. I spent a good half an hour searching and came up with nothing.

I look after the IT at a (very) small business. We have problems with staff spending excessive amounts of time chatting with friends and so I have been asked to block off access to public IM systems (primarily MSN) and implement an internal IM. Wildfire seems to fit the bill very well.

However, there are some complications (suprise suprise!). We are in frequent contact with people at other companies via MSN for support requests, etc. Obviously, blocking off our support staffs access to MSN means they can’'t just use IM to keep in contact with said people at other companies.

Hence I was wondering if it were possible, using the MSN Transport, to restrict access to only certain ‘‘predefined’’ MSN contacts? Essentially I want to be able to administer who they can add on the MSN network.

Thanks for your time.


Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this?


I’'m not interested in gateways like MSN, Y!, ICQ, so I have no experience but I think that also the MSN contacts are stored in the roster. Maybe you can write a Wildfire plugin which intercepts the add roster process and allows only some JID/MSN-UID patterns.


That a very interesting suggestion. Unfortunately I lack the coding skills to realise such a plugin. Given the emphasis on use in the corporate environment, I am suprised noone has asked if you can restrict access to outside contacts.

If anyone has futher suggestions, I’'d love to him them

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