Wildfire MYSQL unixtime query question

After recently looking for a jabber server, i first stubbled across jabberd2… unfortunately… the thing could never start up… kept complaining about 1 of the 5 programs crashing and broken pipe.

So I tried wildfire, which according to jabber’'s software servers page said was the most feature complete jabber server… and much to my surprise… it really was easy to get running just by running it via terminal ./wildfire

Ok onto the question

I’‘ve mostly set up my wildfire already. (i think)… but I’‘m actually working on trying to use the create user page (using the source code of the page and images)… I don’‘t want to create the users myself… So I’'ve setup my own MYSQL query to somewhat allow the user to register themselves onto the jabber server.

But I’‘m having a problem with the creationDate field. For example… wildfire says my admin account was created at “001157771159317” … but I can’‘t seem to duplicate that type of unix time. The type of unix time I’'m generating looks more like “1157836284”

My current query statement for PHP looks like…

$query = “INSERT INTO contacts VALUES (’’’’,’’”. $_POST[’‘username’’] ."’’,’’". $_POST[’‘password’’] ."’’,’’’’,’’". $_POST[’‘name’’] ."’’,’’". $_POST[’‘email’’] ."’’, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(),’’’’)";

sorry but the links above should have brackets around them… I don’'t know how to post code on this forum software.

If anyone could either… point me to where I can find the .jsp pages that are used my wildfire… cause I sure can’‘t find them at all… or if a developer could modify my above query statement to match what’'s used by the wildfire server. Also a plus if you could add to my query how I would go about checking to see if a username exists… though I probably could figure this portion out better then the unixtime portion.

Also… is the encrypted password generated normally? I only have 1 user so I can’'t be certain.

Thanks to anyone who could help.


Did you take a look at the plugins?

Registration Plugin or User Service Plugin

So I hope you prefer using one of these plugins and PHP to access one of it.


Date format / Database Schema Guide:

Date column type support varies widely across databases. Therefore, Wildfire specially encodes dates as VARCHAR values. Each date is a Java long value which is 0-padded to 15 characters.

You may copy just the value you have there - unless you are really interested when a user was created.

Encrypted password: There is thread about it in the developer forum, Wildfire will as far as I know not convert plain-text to encrypted passwords. Anyhow if your security allows you to store plain-text passwords you can just use the password column and leave the other one empty.

I’‘ll check out those plugins… but i’‘m a little weary (can’'t spell that) of java based addons, that are possibly not modifyable.

In the meantime… is there something I can use that would allow me to contact people on other jabber based services… like google talk, and or possibly AIM, ICQ,… etc. I think jabber actually supports all of these protocols… but does wildfire also support these features… I would think so as jabber’'s site said wildfire is the most feature complete jabber server software.

Also will people with googletalk and such be able to message me back?

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Interaction with Google Talk is fully functional and bidrectional. You add googletalk contacts as someone@gmail.com and they add you as you@yourdomain.com.

The other services are NOT jabber/xmpp but there’'s a plugin on the verge of beinf released to beta that allows access to msn, yahoo, aim and icq. There are other threads in the forum about the plugin.


all plugins are open source, so you can modify them if you have the need to. The use the Wildfire UserManager API, so if something in the database design is changed these plugins will still work while an SQL script may fail. They run all in the Wildfire process, to install them you simply need to open http://server:9090/available-plugins.jsp and click the install button.

Wildfire is XMPP based, so Jabber or Google Talk run fine if you set up DNS SRV records for your server. JiveSoftware still develops AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ gateways which should be available in the next release, probably in three weeks.If you want to use Python based gateways you may find here a lot of threads regarding the installation and problems with them.