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Wildfire on CentOS Probs


I’‘ve successfully (finally) installed Wildfire on my CentOS server. However, when I restart the service, users can logon but not view each other. Several users can be logged on, the web admin to wildfire recognises this, but the client doesn’'t.

I’'ve tried three different clients (Spark, PSI and Trillian) but none of which identify other users online.

However, when I add a new group to the server, the clients recognise this new group, then the older ones. I can then delete this new group and all works fine. but again, a restart brings about the same problem.

Any ideas, as I like many of the features Wildfire has, so would like to stick with it.


Hi Daint,

my first idea is to look for errors in the log files and enable the debug log. You should find some sensitive information there and probably remove some IP’‘s/JID’'s/server-names before posting them here.