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Wildfire Registration web page customizable?

Hi all, I’‘m just taking a gander at wildfire and I have to say I’‘m quite pleased with it, fantastic work by everyone involved! The one thing I’'d like to do however, is customize the web registration form, namely remove the blue header from it so I can fit it into a frame in another page without it looking , well odd.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’‘d rather not make my own registration page since there’‘s a nice one included, but if I have to then that’'s an option as well, any documentation that might help me there would be great as well.



the registration plugin is open source, but compiling it to get a better look&feel of the login page may be hard. I’'m not aware of a way to customize it.

As far as I know does the registration page not rely on sessions. So you can place the form on a random server and customize it as you need while making sure that the forum url it the one of your Wildfire server - after pressing “Submit” you’'ll be connected to Wildfire anyhow and the standard page will be displayed.

PHPcurl or perlcurl could work as a reverse proxy for your requests - so you could hide the whole server / web console from public uses.