Wildfire server 3.0.1 on Redhat problem

I have moved all my accounts and shared groups to the new Redhat ES 4 server and when I connect I get users showing up as connected. This would not be a problem except for the fact that I am the only one currently connected to the server. The users that are showing up as connected are different from each account as well as each client. I am looking into the possibility that it might be a client bug, just wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem. Our main client for the Mac is Admium X 0.86



do you see the clients in your roster or in the wildfire admin console as connected?


I see them as active on the client. I did change a setting on the server to not allow private data storage. This seems to have fixed the problem on most of the clients (need to verify). I suspect this problem might be a local cache issue. I am not to concerned about the user saving there buddy list because we are going to publish them for them .