Wildfire server name

i have wildfire server installed on a desktop currently and that is it only function. i conveniently named the desktop “spark” as i use the spark client.

however, i want to move wildfire to a server whose name is not spark. is there any way to have the wildfire server name be different than the machine name it is installed on?

Absolutely. Just name the server whatever you want. I have my common server name, which is far different than my actual Hardware server name.

Make sure if you are using DNS to change that entry…


gotcha. i forgot there was an option during the install to name the server.


this makes sense, sort of. if i change my dns entry for “spark” to be the ip of the spark server, then what about other services on that server that might use dns? i can’'t have dual dns entrys can I?

I’'m not a DNS expert… but as I understand it, a machine can have only 1 canonical name (CNAME) and an unlimited number of aliases.

well, you’'re doing pretty well as that worked.

turns out the alias did not work. i have to have a dns entry for the spark server name or the machine name has to be used. so with two dns CN names for one ip address, it may be problematic. In fact i’'ve noticed that that the server hangs at applying computer settings at boot. may be related to dns