Wildfire Setup - AD Connection Settings

I’‘ve searched through the forum and FAQ’‘s quite a bit but couldn’‘t find a strait answer. I’‘m installing Wildfire on an XP Pro box that’'s a member of an Active Directory domain.

I need to find the correct syntax for the various fields in the setup boxes. The error message I keep getting when I test my settings is “Invalid DN Syntax or Naming Violation”. I’‘m sure I’'m just inputting the information wrong.

My Information:

Active Directory Server: MAIL

Domain Name: dblanchard.com

Connection Settings Fields:

Server Type: (Active Directory)

Host: Port:

Base DN:

Administrator DN:

If you could please let me know the proper syntax for these fields I would really appreciate it. Note that the chat server is going to be on a different computer from the AD server.

Language: Make your choice

Domain: The FQDN of the server. Wildfire.dblanchard.com

Admin port: 9090

Secure Admin Port: 9091

Server Type: AD

Host: Mail.dblanchard.com

Port 389

Base DN: cn=Users;dc=dblanchard;dc=com <---- if you have default setup, or no OU’'s for your users, otherwise use dc=dblanchard;dc=com

Administrator DN <-- should be an account with “Guest rights” a member of Domain Guests. You can use the UPN form of the name USER@dblanchard.com

User mapping: sAMAccountName

Advanced settings:

Add the filter:

(&(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=WF_users;CN=Users;DC=dblanchard;DC=com)) <— if you make a group and call it WF_Users and put all of the folks you want to have access, then you can pick and choose, otherwise the default works fine, all users of AD would then have rights to log on.

vCard Mappings need a little work, and once you get it working I can send you the config to put in place.

Choose Advanced settings fro groups

Add the filter if you want to preselect groups that begin with WF_ for the user Rosters


Thanks for the help! Looks like it was the Base DN where I was botching it. Server is up and running. Have a good one.

I have setup my user mappings like you have stated above and am still getting no where with this install.