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Wildfire, Ubuntu - automatically startup issues

I’'m a somewhat newbie linux admin - have some experience, but not tons.

I’'ve got Wildfire running on an Ubuntu server (breezy badger version). I have the “regular” version installed (i.e. not the “server” version, if it matters). What I want is for Wildfire to startup automatically - and run even if no one is logged in at the machine.

I have:

1.copied the “wildfired” script to the appropriate init directory

  1. Chmodded it to be executable

  2. set the location of wildfire to /usr/bin/wildfire/ (which is where the thing is located)

  3. ran update-rc.d on it - it was successful

yes, the java machine is installed.

Wildfire does seem to be running (ps -au shows the JVM running, and IM clients can connect). However, the “search service” is not available to the clients.

According to the admin web interface, the service is running, but none of the clients can search (“Can’'t contact the search service”).

What do I need to check?

Just found out the conferencing service is not working either.

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did you set up two DNS names for you server like jabber.org and conference.jabber.org?

What plugins are in your plugins folder? There must be a search.jar and a search folder. I have no idea what is installed by the installer, if it is missing you may download it here: http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jsp


Is it working when you start it manually? What user do you start it automaticly with. Does it have proper permissions to wildfire dir?