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Wildfire vs eJabber

Targeting 10k users per server is not going to be enough to beat eJabber. We are currently running 20k users/server using eJabber (single 3.2GHz XEON CPUs, 4G RAM).

Suggestion: what about running Wildfire as a JBoss service, and using the built-in clustering support provided by JGroups and JBossCache?

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Hey Dawie,

Pampero project is divided in a few phases. In phase one both the server and connection managers will still be using blocking connections. That means that there is going to be a thread for each socket connection. Even with this architecture each JVM will be able to handle 5K-6K connections. So if you have 4 connection managers then you will have around 20-24K concurrent users in the main server.

Wildfire 3.0 will also include experimental support for non-blocking connections. Once we have a matured non-blocking solution we will change the main server and the connection managers to start using non-blocking connections. When using non-blocking connections each JVM should be able to handle several tens of thousands of connections without affecting the JVM performance.

The final stage of Wildfire is to have a layer of connection managers on top of a cluster of main servers. This architecture should let us scale up to the sky. Our intention is to reach this stage in 2006.


– Gato

Hey gaston.

Realizes connection manager in wildfire 3.0 this function is an extremely good idea