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WildfireD script install

I’‘m installing Wildfire on a Debian Linux, Sarge (Stable) machine. I’‘m trying to install it too run on startup, and I’'m a bit confused.

Since I’‘m not using RedHat, I’‘m using the wildfired init script. I’‘m not new to linux, but I’'m quite unfamilliar with init scripts and runlevels. Some questions:

from /opt/wildfire/bin/extra/wildfired:

  1. before running this script make sure $WILDFIRE_HOME/bin/wildfire is

  2. executable by the user you want to run wildfire as

  3. (chmod +x $WILDFIRE_HOME/bin/wildfire)

First of all, I have the wildfire directory stored in /opt so I would assume that $WILDFIRE_HOME would be /opt/wildfire, am I correct?

Also, what uid should the wildfire files be owned by? Does it matter? They’'re currently owned by my own uid “faber”, but if need be I can change that.

Also, there is a mention in wildfired that wildfire will run as a certain user – specifically as “jive”. Do I have to create that user? How do I do that? And should the files be owned by that user? What permissions should that user have?

Finally, it says to link to the script in the “default runlevel directory”. When I execute the command they give to figure out what it is ( grep default /etc/inittab ) the output is thuswise:

cyberdelia:/opt/wildfire/bin# grep default /etc/inittab

  1. The default runlevel.



This doesn’‘t seem terribly helpful. I still don’'t know what the “default runlevel directory” is.

Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks in advance for the help!


I did never run debian and the times administering redhat server were nice but I don’'t do that anymore, so some things may be a little different then I remember.

The default runlevel directory should be /etc/rc.2/ - the directory where all scripts are stored should be /etc/rc.d/init.d/ , there your wildfire script should be stored (’‘cp /opt/bin/wildfire /etc/rc.d/init.d/’’). To start the service after reboot you need to create a link (’‘ln -s /etc/rc.d/init.d/wildfire /etc/rc.2/S90wildfire’’ or vice versa). To stop Wildfire when you shutdown or reboot the server you need a Knnwildfire script in the rc.0 and rc.6 directory. You may want to look in the directories to get an idea about the naming conventions and how the links must look like after creating.

Wildfire writes some log files, the user who runs Wildfire should have write permissions to it. I did never look at the script, so I dnon’'t know how the user switching takes part.

Installing Wildfire: I prefer a speciel user, called wildfire and then extracting wildfire.tar.gz to /home/wildfire. I strip down the wildfire script so that only the “nohup …/java …” line remains and use the user wildfire to start/stop Wildfire. The script in /etc/rc.d/init.d will be created by root, he’‘ll insert a “su - wildfire -c /home/wildfire/bin/wildfire” so it’'s really simple and secure.


I’‘m running Wildfire with Archlinux. Not a Debian or FC but i’'ll try to suggest something

I have created user “jive”. Well, i dont want to run it with root and if i need to create some user let it be “jive” though you can make up any name. Just then edit wildfired script.

to create user use adduser[/b]

it’'s a simple process, you can skip almost everything, i have just specified a password and added tyhis user to a group “users”.

i have put server to /opt/wildfire and changed owner of this dir to a jive user:

chown -R jive:users /opt/wildfire

as …/bin/wildfire script is already an executable and owned by jive user i didnt have to do anything else with that.

so then i took /bin/extra/wildfired and added

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/jre

on the top of it, just because it wouldnt start without this, yes, it’'s a problem with environment variables, but after some struggling to find a solution in the past i have found that and decided to stick with that Maybe you wount even need that. Then i copied it to a /etc/rc.d/ (with a root user) and made it executable

chmod +x /etc/rc.d/wildfired

Archlinux doesnt have init.d dir. All startup daemons must be specified in /etc/rc.conf in the Daemons part. So i have added wildfired in there. And it works fine for a year now (previously with jive-messengerd).