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Will Spark 2.5 final STILL get SSO?

Spark v2.5 is now at Beta 4 and there is no sign of single sign on yet nor any further mention in any recent comments about “features”. It was origininally promised for the 2.5 final so I have to ask if this is still the plan.

I have to have SSO in my organisation now for Windows AD and I’‘ve been holding off deploying Pandion as that’‘s not without it’‘s problems either but I can’'t hold off much longer.

Can you please let me know.



Hi Steve,

Yes, the Spark 2.5 client will be supporting SSO. We have been in SSO mode trying to the Kerberos server setup and getting OpenFire connected to Kerberos. The plan is to have all ready for the release.



Hi Derek,

I could say that this will be a cool feature but you will confuse the users a lot if they do no longer need to specify a username and password for login in their corporate environment (;


it2000, what makes you say that?

SSO takes the need for extra authentication away from the user, another system to log into when everything else is SSO is confusing them already. When network passwords change people forget to change the password in Spark and after a few week the numbers actually signed in to Openfire dwindles.

I’'d just like to know the logic behind that comment.



Hi Steve,

really funny to get such an answer, what must I append to a post instead of “(;” to make a honest statement much clearer?