Will Spark work with NT4?

I have the need to install Spark on a NT4 machine that’'s being used in our plant.

Is Spark able to be installed on NT4? I didn’'t see anything in the requirements or with a search of the forums.

This is a pc that’'s controlling a production machine that cannot have any down time.

Anyone? Bueler?


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Perhaps a java applet based client, so there is no impact to the file system locally on that box. As long as you have java installed, the applet will be driven from a webpage allowing you to run it on NT4. Spark may run on NT 4, without having a legacy box to test with, I couldnt be certain.

If you want a java applet based solution try Jeti, http://jeti.jabberstudio.org/

I believe this version of the JRE, 1.4.2 is the latest that is compatible with NT 4.0

http://javashoplm.sun.com/ECom/docs/Welcome.jsp?StoreId=22&PartDetailId=j2re-1.4 .2_11-oth-JPR&SiteId=JSC&TransactionId=noreg