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Will there be a newer spark version release?


the latest beta version (2.6.0 Beta 2) is already from September 17, 2008. Will there be a planning new version?



You can grab the latest software compiled from the trunk here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822

Well, YES, but you should have also mentioned that these versions are also quite old by now as there has been some nice development recently.


i checked with the link and there seems to be a few newer build to download. which one will be the latest build?


The maintaner of the SPark code put’s up new versions, if there are changes that are stable. Spark is currently a real beta (no quality checks besides it compiles and runs), you can always compile it by yourself. If this is to difficult for you, you may want to avoid to use it.

There are really no big changes that are worthwile to switch from 2.5.8. from the end user perspective.


The latest build is from the code repository version 11653 dated Feb 24th. You have to grab the Spark installer jar.



i noticed that the spell checker is not working with the latest build, how can i get it to work? it complaining every word i type.


Find the problem in the nightly build code and fix it? Just a suggestion - it’s not like it’s intended for end users, after all.

Hi wroot,

i haven’t touch the setting of spellchecker, it is the default:

enable spellchecking: checked

enable auto spellchecking: checked

and the language is english.