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Will there ever be a Spark 2.5.9

2.5.8 was released almost two years ago but there don’t appear to be any developments as to a Spark 2.5.9 version, and indeed I wonder with the discussion and work on SparkWeb whether the standalone client will ever go anywhere. If it’s been mentioned, then it’s not prominent enough for a non-frequent visitor.

My company is currently looking at IM solutions, and I really like OpenFire. The problem is Spark is a clear block. 2.5.8 doesn’t work with User accounts due to install issues logged as bug 209, and this puts a halt to any deployment on a company-wide basis. It’s just a non-starter. Indeed, with versions and bugs running to two years I’d be worried about deploying it anyway.

Is this client dead in the water? Has the focus moved elsewhere?

I agree it has been a while but you are exaggerating just a bit. Version 2.5.8 came out fall 2007. I agree a new version is long overdue.

What does this mean: “The problem is Spark is a clear block. 2.5.8 doesn’t work with User accounts due to install issues logged as bug 209, and this puts a halt to any deployment on a company-wide basis.”

More details would be nice. I have 2.5.8 deployed comapny wide with very few problems.

at least repackage the 2.5.8 msi so it contains the kywins

what is kywins that you refer to? The only kywins I am aware of is a custom built client for kentucky.

snowman386 wrote:

at least repackage the 2.5.8 msi so it contains the kywins

as “kywins” is mentioned in that thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/166962#166962 maybe you can shed some light on what the hell is that KYWINS? or are you only referring to the same problem of having kywins.exe entry in your registry?

the file that spark references when you set the option to start spark at login. unfortunately this files does not exist in the msi install and spark does not load on startup. users have to manually click spark to open it after they login to their workstation. this is the only problem preventing us from deploying spark company wide. maybe this file is not supposed to be there and spark just adds the wrong registry entry or it is supposed to be there and the msi is broken. either way the option to load on login is broken.

Could you do me a favor and complete remove your install of spark from the MSI, including deleting all spark folder left behind and reinstall using the exe to see if you get the same error with KYWINS.

As Todd said it’s not 2 years yet It was moving forward slowly, but recently there were no progress. That’s because Spark doesnt have normal developer. Daniel is fixing something only in his spare time, and he doesnt have much free time now (Openfire 3.5.0 is on the road). So… we can only wait. Maybe AIR version will come up before standard 2.5.9

Apologies for that, the release page says April 2006 which, as you say, is wrong. I should have known it was wrong since I distinctly recall moving from 2.5.5 to 2.5.8 not that long ago. This appears to somewhat invalidate my opening question

It’s just fustrating because 906 is a blocker bug for me. I can’t have an app for use within the company which cannot be used without an admin loading it first.

Full details were provided to the developers and it has been logged as bug url=http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-906906[/url]

This is indeed a bug, one which I have also reported but I don’t believe has been logged yet. I bumped it today. Spark creates a startup key for a file which doesn’t exist when you configure it to load on startup.

This has now been filed as bug url=http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-986986[/url]

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Hi Mtstravel

Can you please try to answer the following for me?


I need to make the following customization for Spark. Please help with your expertise. Thanks in advance.

  1. Password protect “Preferences” (Spark>Preferences)

  2. Remove/disable for users “Plugins” download and install from Spark>Plugins)

  3. Remove/disable for users “Languages” (Actions>Language)

  4. Remove “User Guide” “Spark Forums” “Check for Updates” (Help> User Guide, Spark Forums, Check for Updates)

  5. I also need to have automatic log off feature from Openfire Server after a specified amount of idle time.

  6. Remove/Disable the following:

From the main login interface, remove “Accounts” and “Advanced”.

The above changes are necessary for a system administrator to avoid

unnecessary support request and avoid out of context questions from end

users. We are committed to provide reliable solutions to our end users

and make their work environment as sooth as possible. That doesn’t mean

that we need to spend our valuable time on a paranoid/digger from

messing up things by providing too much details of the tool. Too much

information and unnecessary features are always trouble for any system


I would really appreciate your help on this and I’m sure all us will benefit once we are able to make the above changes.

ok. i did that and now the registry entry points to spark.exe. so i guess its just a problem with the msi version.

Hi folk! There will be a Spark 2.5.9. I’ve done a lot of work on it, as has slushpuppie. It’s a tad overwhelming to look at all of the open issues with it. I must admit I’m not “ahead” of my Openfire work like I had hoped to be, and that takes priority. If I can get back on top so to speak, I’d like to clean up Spark and package it up. I’ll probably put out a beta first because well… I did a lot of adjustments to the core code. I might even put it out as 2.6.0. We’ll see. If that’s the case, 2.5.9 might actually not happen. lol but in a different way. =D

I use 2.5.9/trunk on a regular basis and for the most part it’s going well, but there are definitely some isms here and there that will need to be addressed.

I never did manage to get a solid auto-build of the MSI installer. I think I’m going to have to punt on that and just build it manually when the time comes.

The KYWINS.EXE issue is weird. It’s not a virus, I know where it came from, it was a custom build for the University of Kentucky at one point. Why it got into the MSI installer though is beyond me. I’m not entirely sure why we are distributing the .pack’d files. Yes it makes for a smaller download, but it’s clearly causing more problems than it’s worth. I think I might unpack at build time and put that out. There were a couple of concerns last time about why the Spark installer got so small, and the .pack files I believe are your answer. If we unpack them, should get bigger again, but should you know… function.

As always, if folk are interested in diving in and helping with Spark, I’d absolutely love to have some patches/assistance, as clearly this isn’t my primary focus. I also have a separate project in the works that would enable us to add OTR support to Spark. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/jotr/, and if anyone thinks that would be fun/interesting to work with, bring it. =) heheheh I’m half considering submitting it for a google summer of code thing under the XMPP foundation if that’s possible.