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Windfire and JIT


I try install JIT 1.1.7 with patch from http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=104488#104488. It’'s connected to Wildfire, but service registration do not work. Can somebody please give me working config.xml for JIT for working with Wildfire?



I’'m having the same issue.

Most of the time, the component even fails to connect. Sniffing the communication between Wildfire and jit, the following comes up:

I’‘ve managed to work around that by renaming the transport each time I’‘m starting it (it seems that Wildfire somehow leaks component names). However, then jit fails at user registration with a “Lowlevel network error” (which isn’'t reported by psi for some reason, the client just keeps on going).

Did anybody manage to get jit running in Wildfire? What version did you use? It seems that jit is huge mess, there are many patches floating around, but no official page and no official releases any more.

Hey Andreas,

Could you check if you are getting the conflict error when the server already has another component using the same component domain? Is it possible that the component connected to the server before and his connection is still hanging around? If there is no connection to the server then I would like to fix this problem. Therefore, I’'m going to need from you some steps to reproduce the problem (if possible without having to install JIT).


– Gato


No component was running, the list in the web interface was empty and ps didn’'t display any processes belonging to jit.

These problems terminated the connection before most of the connection setup stuff could take place, my guess is that under these cicumstances, something doesn’'t get cleaned up properly which does get cleaned up when everything works as expected.

btw, in the meantime, I’‘ve been able to install PyICQ-t, which works fine (after about 4 hours of configuring, swearing and restarting all parts, etc, which is nothing compared to the 1.5 days I spent with jit). However, I’'m still willing to help you debugging that issue

Hey Andreas,

Glad to hear that PyICQ-t is working fine for you.

I checked the code looking for dangling external components and the only way I see that this problem might happen is if an exception occurs while removing the component.

  1. Could you enable the debug log and confirm that you get this message when trying to connect the JIT component? Message to search for: "[ExComp] Another component is already using domain: "

  2. Could you check if there was an exception in the error.log file regarding components?


– Gato

Well, PyICQ-t isn’'t working fine after all… I had to restart it manually once a day to get it working with my MySQL server again, and then I frequently got internal exceptions that caused it to not work at all (exceptions like “this function takes 10 arguments, but only 9 given”). However, this is offtopic here.

I tried to reproduce the issues wildfire had with jit, but I didn’‘t manage to do that. Additionally, when I enabled local xdb in jit (wildfire doesn’'t seem to support that), it even works now :).

btw, according to the jit’'s log, jit sometimes has issues connecting to the server:

base/base_connect.c:283 Base Connect Failed to connect to Retry in 2 seconds…

After those 2 seconds, it works fine (it even does discover again and all that stuff). I hope that this doesn’'t cause any problems for jit.

After a blackout yesterday involving an exploding light bulb, I’'m having the same registration issues again

the debug log says:

2006.03.24 14:13:16 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=1181,localport=10015]

2006.03.24 14:13:17 Starting registration of new external component for domain: icq.jabber.monitzer.com

2006.03.24 14:13:17 Another component is already using domain: icq.jabber.monitzer.com

the error log says:

2006.03.24 14:13:17 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.net.SocketReader.run(SocketReader.java:161) Connection closed before session established


EDIT: scrap that, I actually had two instances of jit running, didn’‘t notice that, due to some other bug I’'ll open another thread for.