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Window location not verified

Spark doesn’‘t appear to verify that window placement is valid when the desktop geometry changes. This is most noticable when remotely connecting to a machine with a dual monitor, often leaving it totally unaccessable. Can also notice if remoting into a machine with a lower resolution. Extremely annoying when a new message comes in and the task bar blinks but you can not bring up the window because it’'s off screen…

So many programs behave this way that I’'ve resigned myself to right-clicking the icon in the task bar, selecting “move” and using the arrow keys until the app is once again visible… I consider it a minor price to pay for the luxury of having dual monitors.

Thanks for the work-around. I wasn’‘t aware of that trick. So far it’‘s the only program that I really noticed having this problem. Most applications that I use, even if they don’'t resize right away, if you double click two times in a row on the task bar they will fix themselfs.