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Windows 2000 native compatibilty

Hi All,

I’m probably bothering you all, but, this question has come up. I manage the network for a manufacturing facility. As such, many of our systems are sequestered from the Internet. That said, our Corporate parent has recently rolled out Cisco Jabber as an IM solution. While I love/hate Jabber, our production department now also wants instant messaging. I’ve played with OpenFire and Spark over time and am really impressed by it, and can host it locally.

My question is, what OS’s will Spark work with? Being a manufacturing facility, I have stuff going back to Win2k (really, WIn98.) Will the 32-bit versions of Spark work on those?

Thanks in advance!

Spark works on WinXP, so i think it should work on Win2000, though i haven’t tried and don’t have means to try on such old OS anymore.

UPD: oops, i meant 2003, well, i’m not so sure about Win2000 then. I guess you can install and see if it even shows a login window. I think it might not run as Java itself might not support this OS and won’t run.