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Windows 7 User lagging while using Spark in multiuser environment in Ncomputing

We are using Openfire 4.4 on Centos 7 with Mysql 8 Database and Spark 2.8.3 on Windows 7 Ncomputing Vspace Server and Ncomputing Devices as RDP Client.

In Multi User environment User are facing very deadly slow performance.

So we have stopped using Openfire.

Please guide through for Multiuser Environment with Ncomputing.


the issue is likely not with openfire, but with the client. have you tried a different client? perhaps pidgin, swift, jitsi, or pade?

Thanks For your Speedy reply,

I would like to share with you about our existing IM Server.

We are using Bigant IM in our environment for 300+ User.

But to have IM on Mobile as well and to have similar IM as Bigant we choose Openfire and Spark Client for Windows.

Is there any way so can continue using Spark…

Thanks and Regards,

Id suggest first ruling out other factors. usually antivirus is a culprut for a lot of java apps. temporarly disable or create an exclusion for the spark folders to see if that resolves your issue. there are two locations Id sugguest. one in the user profile, the other in the programs folder.

Sure we will try with said changes.

and one more… can we customize Spark Client according to our need.
such as… removing “Action” tab from app or any other which don’t need.

Thanks & Regards,

of course… spark is open source. you are welcome to make any changes you like.
if you or a member of your team are java deveoplers, please consider submitting any bug fixes or improvements upstream.

Removing menus is not exactly the kind of contribution we expect :slight_smile: One can check Client Control plugin for Openfire, which allows to remove some parts of Spark, but not complete menu sections.