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Windows AD help

Good morning,

Like others, I have had much trouble integrating my server with windows AD. I’'m hoping that my troubles are as simple as syntax errors and perhaps an extra set of eyes can help me out. Below is my wildfire.xml file:

A few comments/questions

  1. I can only log-in to the admin concsole, as ‘‘admin’’, which i specified a password for on setup, I cannot log-in as ‘‘price’’ to the console or my client.

  2. When this does eventually work with AD, will my user page in the admin console populate with users?

  3. I’'m positive that the provided IP is the domain controller. I also looked at adsiedit.msc on the domain controller to look up the field names in the AD database, they are correct.

  4. We have other apps connecting to the AD database at port 389 so, i’‘m rather certain it’'s the correct port

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks

Hi … I’'m guessing you sent me an email

Here’'s what works for us and our AD, I found we had to use the sAMAccountName as the object for the nameField. And you might want to change the format of the adminDN as well.

As for your other questions, yes the admin console will populate with users as soon as the WildFire server can authenticate against your AD.

Hope that helps! I’'m certainly no expert, just been playing with this since November.


Remember that the AdminDN is just the username that has access to read the AD. Just use username@company.com as stated above and you will be able to login as price. Also make sure the host is a domain controller as well.

Change your BaseDN to DC=company,DC=com

This way it will search the entire directory. Once you get it working you can adjust it to your liking and put in search filters.

I also use authorizedUsernames instead of the JIDs. Not sure if it matters or not.

Try it like this

i have worked a lot this week on AD setup

i just posted my conf

hope it helps

POINTS would be great if it helps!