Windows Live Messenger adopts XMPP open instant messaging protocol

So, i have just read these news. Microsoft is turning to XMPP. That’s good news, or maybe great for someone. Maybe we won’t need MSN transports someday. Or maybe they will also do this for Skype or Lync in the future What do you think?

Well Skype going XMPP/Jingle would seriously rock the Internet. Lync to some extent already does it but I am not too sure they give up their per-domain whitelisting in order to protect whatever they thnk needs to be protected.

Anyhow, correct me if I am wrong, but this very announcement simply added XMPP (in a special flavour) as a client protocol so no S2S federation for the time being, right?

Well, it seems that no s2s federating so far (speaking from the comments on the blog post). Though i have read from one guy working for MS, that WLM actually supports federating with Facebook Chat since 2010. Can’t prove that, but he should know that.

btw, the blog post px


This WLM <-> FB Chat smells like its being done server-side: