Windows Messenger and OpenFire

Hello Guys,

I am using OpenFire with LDAP for Users in Microsoft Active Directory Server

How can we use Windows Messenger with OpenFire ?



Connections to other IM networks are done by so called transports (or gateways). This works as follows:

UserA <> Openfire <> Transport <> MSN-Network <> UserB

  • UserA: local jabber account of your server

  • Openfire: your Openfire server

  • Transport: translates between Jabber and MSN, can be internal or external

  • MSN network: M$…

  • UserB: normal MSN user

The transports uses the MSN account of userA to login into MSN as normal client.

You could use either the internal gateway plugin, or some external component, like pyMSNt.

Since I can form the PyMSNt in order that it works with the openfire?

yes, on my server are running PyICQt, PyMSNt, PyAIMt and PyYIMt.

Coolcat, can you help me with something please?

Already have working the PyMSNt, but in all the messages show something strange

X-MMS-IM-Format: FN=Arial; EF =; CO=0; CS=0; PF=22

It goes out in all the messages that write to me

Looks really strange, sorry, no clue.

it’s a formatting information sent the text. I think it’s because of Messenger Plus installation on the person u’re chatting with or an older version of WLM. Not sure happened to me but not all contacts have this formatting.


how do you enable PyMSN on OpenFire?

I’m really new to Openfire this may sound stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

It does connect as external component. Just check the config file of PyMSNt and external component section of Openfires Adminpanel. Should be self-explanatory.

I am looking at the External components page right now and im stuck. So where’s this config file of PyMSNt ? And What’s the ‘Default shared secret’

any help would b appreciated ,thx

So where’s this config file of PyMSNt ?

Clear clear

thank you!

From I gave of yesterday me the PyMsnt does not work, shows a mistake of timeout, designs someone?

MSN Transport Chatrooms
Failed to connect to MSN servers: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): exceptions.Exception: Timeout

Mircosoft has changed protocol. On the pyMSNt website there is a patch available, which is reported to work. However, for me this patch does not work for some reason. I had to switch to Gateway plugin.

I could not have done that this Gateway me works well, not updated the Nick that I put, and the nicks of my contacts are not showed by it him.

After reading for a good moment achieve that the protocol was connecting, but it does not work well, seguire trying it

Already achieve that I connect and show the contacts correctly, but do not achieve that one recovers the groups.

For the interested parties, it is very easy to do that it works, simply it has to change something into the file


It changes for


Do not forget to stop and to restart the transport