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Windows NativeAuth from a linux box

Currently we have no active directory set up for our company and I was wondering if it was possible for wildfire to use NativeAuth to authenticate to a windows box from the linux box it is hosted on.

Unless you’‘re running RAS, i think the onyl way you’‘d be able to authenticate off a windows box’‘s lcoal credentials would be to hack together something that tries to login to some service on the box and reports back success/failure. even then you’'d have to have an account for every user on the computer that was doing the auth and would ahve to keep the password in sync manually and separately from the other boxes on thr network.

given that, why make things mess with an auth mechanism? just let wildfire be the place where you keep the list of users.

Afaik nativeauth requires a domain or AD to interface with. A central password respository is a wonderful thing, Samba can work wonders in just such a situation.