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Windows Server 2003 x64?

Hi, I’'m wondering if Wildfire is supported for x64 Windows Operating Systems. I tried it on one, and everything installs right and the admin console, web login, and everything else works.

However, I cannot connect with psi client. I can ping the ip of the local server and everything, but using an unsecured connection to any of the ports doesn’'t do anything. The client just sits at its connecting phase a long time and eventually times out. In the server logs, it says something like “client disconnected before connection was completed” or something to that effect, and most of the time the logs say nothing after i clear it and try connecting again.

So i’‘m wondering if it’‘s just that x64 windows isn’‘t supported or if i’'m doing something wrong.

Thanks -

Hi Mac,

There shouldn’‘t be anything that would prevent Wildfire from running properly on x64 Windows so I would suspect something isn’'t configured properly. Have you tried any clients other than PSI, such as url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/spark/Spark[/url]?




We have installed Wildfire on a x64 (EM64T) and works fine. We use Spark and another Macromedia Flash client developed on XIFF.

No special configurations, Windows 64bit, and used Windows Update to patch the OS.

I did download and installed the jdk-1_5_0_06-windows-amd64.exe on the machine. However, I don’'t think Wildfire is using that JVM as in Task Manager it displays the java process as 32 bit (java.exe *32) and the wildfire.exe and wildfired.exe are also listed as 32 bit.

How can I switch the JVM, such that Wildfire will use the 64bit JVM?



I tried the spark client and it worked. I guess it won’'t work with PSI.

New Question though… how do you run spark as a domain user and not an administrator? I’‘ve installed it and it willl run if i go on an admin account but if i log in as a regular domain user it won’'t run.


We are not on a Windows Domain, but I have installed Spark as a Windows user (not an Administrator) and it works fine.