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Windows Server 2003

Hi there.

Ive got wildfire set up and running on my 2003 server, have bound the IP address, and have set the domain to uktextalerts.co.uk.

Wildfire runs no problems, and spark connects locally, but i can’'t seem to connect externally.

Anyone help?



Hi Ewan,

did you bind the IP address to the same one as your webserver (which is reachable)?

Maybe you have the Win2003 firewall enabled and need to open port 5222 to enable XMPP clients to connect. The old-SSL, Web-Admin and Proxy ports are not needed for the basic connectivity.


yup its bound to the ip address.

Not running 2003 firewall at the moment for testing. looks like its listening on the port, but not responding.

very strange

If you “netstat -a” at comman prompt on that server, do you see it listening on correct port?

From the WAN, can you telnet to “servername 5222” and have it “answer”?

Is there a router or firewall between server and WAN? Is port forwarding enabled on that internetworking device to get tcp/5222 and or tcp/5223 and or tcp/5269 to that internal IP?

You said that the Windows firewall is not running, so OK. Any third-party firewall (or other security software) on that machine?

Just some ideas.


thanks for your help guys…

was basically down to IP filtering at the server end, i messed up there.

usefull information for anyone else that bangs their head off the desk