Windows service failing to stop often

I think i had this issue a few times in the past. But lately i don’t remember this happening to me. Usually i stop Openfire’s service (on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64) when i upgrade Openfire, update Java, do a backup. Most of the time it stops correctly. But today it has failed around 4 times in 6 tries. When it fails i have to reboot the server to unfreeze it state. Wonder if i was so lucky to not stumble on this all this time too often or maybe some latest Windows updates caused this to be worse. Anyone else seeing this, seeing this often now than before?

Ive seen this hanging issue as well. With just a few users connected, the service stops without issue. If 30+ users are connected, than it seems to hang.

Well, this last time there were just one user connected and it was away (it is night here).

any open s2s connections?

Not that i know of s2s should be disabled.