Windows Spark closing issue

When I click the X in the upper right of the window in Spark for windows, the application minimizes to the system tray instead of closing. This runs counter to how most windows applications operate. Is there a way to change the behavior to close instead of minimize?

It works like most instant messaging programs work. It is not “minimize”, but rather “hide”. Usually users want for IM program to constantly run in the systray, so close button doesn’t exit the program but hides its window and it only runs in the systray. Minimize button minimizes its window into taskbar so you can still see its window. Some IM programs have an option to change that behavior. Spark doesn’t. So you can either do Spark > Exit, or right click the systray icon and press Exit, if you want to exit the program. Or you can provide a patch for such option and it will be included in the next version.