Won't let me enter new password

I have a problem on my x64 Win 7 machine where Spark won’t let me change my password after an unsuccessful login. I have OpenFire on the backend using AD credentials. If I change my AD password one night, boot Windows the next day, Spark automatically starts up and tries to login. It gives me “Invalid username or password” but after hitting OK I can not change anything in username, password, or server. They are greyed out. I have had this on both 2.6 and 2.6.1


Since I could not get my real issue really worked out, I blew out my whole server and built a new one with LDAP integration vs database. I am now seeing EXACTLY the same issue as the top poster in a very specific situation. I believe it is a MAJOR bug that needs addressed as soon as possible. Let me explain… Openfire 3.7.0 NEW, Spark 2.6.2 to all clients NEW, all previous versions and settings blown out. User logs in first time using same AD credentials they use to log onto PC (LDAP). They naturally choose save password, and most choose auto login option. They travel to different PC’s and all is good…BUT, as soon as they are prompted to change their password because of Domain Security Policies, everything goes bad. They change their password. Next time they log into their PC and Spark launches, it tries to auto login, which naturally it cannot, as the password stored is now different than AD (LDAP) password. Now it hits the same roadbloack as first post, you are prompted with “invalid username or password” you click out of that, and you CANNOT try to even change your password, it is locked (greyed) out. The only fix, which is NOT a fix, is to blow their properties file out, or change their setting to false for auto login. Sorry I won’t be doing that for 1000+ users anytime soon. Any idea on a fix? It would seem ccorrect operation would be the error, and then be back at the login box, WITH the ability to type in a different password, while still having the rest of the settings stay the same.


check a nightly. There was an issue that we have fixed. http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK