Workflow regarding a "Call-Center-Like" system

Hello everybody,

I recently started using XMPP and openfire.

What I want to create is an application that cam connect a user to “some support guy”.

I allready got fastpath installed and can trigger the queue…this creates the chat and I can…well, chat.

However, what I want to do is show some company details such as a logo and other info for each company.

From my understanding the workgroup object in XMPP would be my company object…but I have no idea if there is a way to assign a image to a workgroup.

Also, is there any way to join a specific queue or is this completely handled on the server?

For example:

I got my workgroup/company “Opple” but I dont just want to offer support

for “Opple” Products in my workgroup but be more specific like “oPad”, “oPhone”, “oMac”.

From my understanding those “departments” would be queues …but is there any way to list all available queues on my end-user application and

let the user join such a queue directly?

Thanks in advance