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Working LDAPS configs?

If anyone has an LDAPS config that works with Win 2003 AD, could you please post it here?

I can authenticate via LDAP against my AD, but when trying to encrypt the LDAP sessions, I crash and burn. I’‘ve read all the forum posts and docs, but I’'m still not getting something correct.

Also, I’'d love to see some working examples of blah

When I attempt to use this feature, Jive will not even display the admin page anymore. I read the guide, and took a look at sun’'s java guide also, but still stuck.

Thank you.


As far as I know you can’‘t use encryption when trying to authenticate against AD. It’'s not supported yet in this version of Jive. Will be better if you use “Allow plain text password” in the clients (at least in my experience).

And here you have a working filter (for me!) to get only People in my AD, not Groups, suposed my is CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=com