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Working with external database


I am developing a messenger client and using openfire as my messenger server.

I am using MySQL as an external database.

I have created a table UserProfile to store some extra information like country, city etc.

But the main problem that i am facing is how to insert, modify or do all manipulation in that table.

Please help me in that…


I assume that you do not need help how to insert or update rows in a database. What do you want to do with your client and Openfire?

I’m not sure that your solution to create a UserProfile table is really good.



Thnx for ur reply…

What i want is to store some extra extra information about user like his country, state, city etc.

But this fields are not there in the embedded database of openfire.

It support only name and email.

So what i am thinking is to create my own table say, PersonalDetails and store these information in the table.

But i am struck at how to insert records in this table.

To give you some background, I am developing my own client using smack API.

I have designed my own GUIs.

Hope you understand my problem.

Any Help would be highly appreciated as i need it very urgently.


do you want to access this information form within Openfire? Then you should write an Openfire plugin, there are some guides how to write plugins and how to setup the IDE.

The country, state, city, … information is usually stored in the vCard, so it wonder whether it makes sense to store them also in another database table. Anyhow you can sync some vCard fields into another table if you need this.


hi LG

No i am not accessing this info from openfire.

I am providing this feature at the time of adding new user.

From the client side, at the time of registration the user will also fill these details n the same should be updated at the openfire.

But openfire only store username, password, name, n email.

That’s y i have created another table to store these extra info of the user.

Hope you understand my problem now.


I have read doc on vCard…

I came to know that v can store these information in vCard.

But being new to this openfire, i dnt knw how to use vCard.

Can u plz help me in wriring this vCard…

Thanking You.

Hi Prem,

mosts client supports vCards, if you use Spark then you can use it to set and modify this information.

Anyhow one must first register and then one can create the vCard.

If your clients should care about this information then there is nothing which you must code.