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Working with websockets


I have seen your example on WEBRTC and found it impressive. I wanted to try it out on my server but I failed.

I had OpenFire 3.7.1 alpha. When I added the websockets plugin and restarted, it asked me to upgrade to version 3.7.2. I took the latest nightly builds #786 and installed. After the restart I tried to access but I get 404 . Do I need to do anything else other than adding the war into the #openfire_directory/plugins?


Did you ever solve this problem?

The websockets plugin has a version of SparkWeb (Ajax) that uses websockets. To use it point your browser at http://your_server_name:7070/ws/sparkweb.

For any more info, just look athe Javascript/HTML code

Do not use an IP address. XMPP messages require domain names and not IP addresses.

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