Write Plugin to make a MS Lync compatible server

hey guys,

I am thinking about making a plugin for Openfire to be able replace MS Lync (which cost very exp) for basic chat functions(login,add contact, chat,group chat, presence), anyone here can give me the experiences and advice about this

Greate thanks

what part of lync are you wanting to add to openfire? openfire already provides chat, group chat, presence, etc…

I just want all current Lync client can connect to this server for chat without any modification of client side. As I know Ms Lync using customize version of SIP, SDP but openfire is Xmpp, so I must change at protocol layer of openfire, but not sure where I can start

unless I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you still have to pay licensing for the client? It seems like more work and cost to try to write a transport/gateway than it would be to just replace the client. Anyway, to answer your questions, I don’t know the answer, as I’m not a dev. I was just curious what you were looking to do!

You can’t use Lync client with anything else other than the Lync server. If you want to replicate the features of Lync 2013 or Skype for Business 2015 for free, try Jitsi client with Openfire connected to Active Directory

If you are looking to connect to open fire server from Lync client, you could try using an XMPP Gateway for Lync and federate that with Open Fire. It is a Gateway which translates XMPP to SIP and vice-versa.

actually i am finding a way to replace MS Lync server by Openfire. Keeping MS Lync client so i dont need to buy MS Lync server license,

then you probably have to develop a mediator between Lync client and openfire server. And openfire only understands XMPP and Lync client sends SIMPLE (MS proprietary chat protocol). I guess it would be a huge effort afaik.