Wrong profile chosen for user?

Hi All,

I just set up Wildfire and am running into a bit of a strange problem:

The server gets user account data from the LDAP (domain controller/windows). I installed 2 clients on 2 different workstations of people that are not administrators locally on their machine (using the domain admin account). They can both log in, and the log in data looks fine on the server/sessions, but when they send messages or view their profile, they are both using the same one (of the first user for which I installed the spark client).

Is this a bug? Conflicting data in the local database of wildfire? Any workarounds I can try?

Thanks in advance!


Hey MC,

We would need to see the exchanged packets for each client with the server to figure out what is going on in your case. You can press F12 in your client to open the debugger window.


– Gato