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Wrong time and date shown in chat window

hello i have a problem on a spark client
some massages have the wrong time and day in the chat window but when i look into the chatlogfile in the appdata\spark\user… there is everything with the right time and date how can this happen

Need more information. When exactly do you see wrong time? When message just arrived and is showing in the chat window? Or if you close and reopen the chat window? Maybe this is an offline message, which has been sent while you were offline and it shows up when you run the Spark?

while chatting online everything is fine but when opening an old chat window from maybe 3 days ago it shows the massages like they where written and send in that second you are opening the chat window
this chat is showing as the 16. July 13:30 but they chatted 3 days ago
and as said in the first post when i look into the logfile of this chat all dates and times are right on the chat

thank you for your help

This is the quick history in the chat window itself when you open it? What about Conversation history window (a button in the chat window which shows whole history, not just 20 last messages)? Is it showing correct date? Btw, only the date is incorrect or the time as well?

What version of Spark/Openfire?

yes its the chat window itself and the date and time is incorrect! I dont see a Conversation history
window ,is it when i rightklick into the chat window and then go into log because there is the date and time correct.
we are using spark 2.8.3

There is a button at the top of the chat window next to file transfer, contact card, ad hoc group chat room, screenshot send button, etc. It probably will show something similar you see in that log view.

Is it just one user having this issue?

yes its only one user having this issue!

You can try starting with a fresh profile with this user and see if that changes anything (just rename Spark profile in AppData\Roaming to say SparkOld and start Spark again.

okay i will try this thank you
i let you know if it helped