X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM - Facebook challengeResponse

Hello, XIFF users and experts,

Seems that there has been a change made by Facebook that hasn’t yet been incorporated into the XIFF.swc. I downloaded the latest ZIP (2011-11-07). I looked at the src and the XFacebookPlatform.as shows the now obselete code (in handleChallenge).

According to this post: http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/46000 Facebook has changed the way they do the challenge response just before this last XIFF release.

So, we would need to manually replace part of the response code:

var challengeResponse:String = “access_token=” + fb_access_token;

challengeResponse += “&api_key=” + responseMap.api_key;

challengeResponse += “&call_id=” + responseMap.call_id;

challengeResponse += “&method=” + responseMap.method;

challengeResponse += “&nonce=” + responseMap.nonce;

//challengeResponse += “&session_key=” + responseMap.session_key;

//challengeResponse += “&sig=” + responseMap.sig;

challengeResponse += “&v=” + responseMap.v;

Also, in the same post it mentions this change was needed in XMPPTLSConnection.as.

protected var _tls:Boolean = true; // was set to false

Is it possible to have this updated in the next release so that the XIFF.swc can be used out of the “box” for us who need XFacebookPlatform?

Many thanks for the work you’ve done.


Sorry for the late response.

I have updated XIFF and XIFFGUI (included in the examples directory of XIFF on SVN) to work with the latest Facebook changes.

Facebook has officially pulled support for the prior version as of December 8th, so all XIFF users connecting to Facebook will need to update.


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