XEP-0009 support ... jabber-rpc

Any plans or timelines for implementation of XEP-0009 ? (Jabber-rpc). This question has been asked before, but I have not seen any definitive answers.

Secondly are there any other jabber-libraries other than smack that support xep-0009 ?. Any pointers would certainly be helpful.

Any implementations of accomplishing xml-rpc over xmpp ?.



I read your excellent article on XMPP and “cloud computing”.

http://www.jivesoftware.com/jivespace/blogs/jivetalks/2008/01/24/xmpp-aka-jabber -is-the-future-for-cloud-services

It’s been a while since you wrote the article.( > 1 year). I also saw many folks commenting positiviely on that article.

But, I haven’t seen any support in “smack” to support your assertion. The specifications

seem to have been developed for a long time. (jep-0009 etc). What gives ?.

Would be nice if you can share your thoughts/plans.

BTW, I could not find a way to respond to your blog. Is this access-controlled or a bug ?.

Cheers …