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XEP-0084: User Avatar Testing

aTalk has implemented XEP-0084. However my home server is using ejabberd which does not support XEP-0084. I believe prosody server supports this feature. Does anybody know of any community xmpp server that I use to test the aTalk XEP-0084 feature.

Thanking in advance for any information provided.

ejabberd does support XEP-0084 IIRC. Maybe it’s just not configured/activated on your service? Anyway, there is a list at IM Observatory .

Many thanks for your information. I rechecked all the available official information I can find online and the ejabberd source, I still unable to find anything mention on XEP-0084 or avatar (only XEP-0153 and vCard is mentioned). I have referred to the following documents:

a. https://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/protocols/

b. https://docs.ejabberd.im/admin/configuration/#modpubsub

c. Home server-ejabberd v16.08: mod_pubsub.erl and pubsub.hrl (include file)

I see someone mention the support of user avatar in this post

where does ejabberd store user avatar images,mnesia or file? · Issue #912 · processone/ejabberd · GitHub

Not sure if ejabberd has actually treated XEP-0084 as PEP without referring it as XEP-0084


The “pep” plugin adds extention to handle Personal Eventing Protocol

(XEP-0163) to the PubSub

engine. Adding pep plugin to PubSub make it handle PEP automatically.


Anyway I will try to test with ejabberd on XEP-0084 and see if it does response to Publishing avatar metadata

Thanks again for the info.