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XEP 0100 auto signin of registered legacy transports

I have noticed that for some transports, they are auto-signed in once a connection to openfire succeeds (via the xmpp user). This applies specifically to QQ. How does one turn off this auto-signin feature ? Basically from a client perspective, I want to be able to signin selectively. So when I create an XMPPConnection to openfire, all transports should remain signed off until I send directed Presences to transports. Thanks

If this is a Smack question (are you building a client?), then you should move this thread to Smack sub-forum. E.g. Spark has an option to not sign in transports automatically, and Spark is Smack based. Also you can ask in Kraken forums (IM gateway is no Kraken) about how it was implemented in Spark. http://kraken.blathersource.org