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XEP-0144 - http://jabber.org/protocol/rosterx Namespace Supported?

I am attempting to utilize the Roster Item Exchange protocol outlined in XEP-0144. When I do a disco query from a C++ client to a Java client that has implemented Smack, is not listed as a supported feature. If I send an IQ Roster Item Exchange message from the C++ client to the Java client, I get a error. Despite various attempts, I haven’t succeeded at getting the Java client to broadcast its support for this feature. I also tried sending the Roster Item Exchange as a message rather than an IQ, but all of the attributes contained in the element are stripped out of the element before they get to PacketListener. I also explored using the jabber:iq:roster namespace, but I need to be able to suggest the modification and deletion of an item as well as the addition of an item.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


Smack doesn’t support XEP-0144, rather it only has support for the XEP-0093 which appears to have been deprecated. So you’re C++ client will either have to use the older XEP-0093 or you’ll have to implement XEP-0144 in your Smack based client.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for the help!