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Xep 0184 bug


I’m using xep-0184 to get message receipt information.

It works perfect while both clients(who are messaging with each other) are online however openfire drops the message if and only if the user who waits for the receipt response(I mean the original sender of the message) is offline.

Then I’ve figured out

  <received xmlns='urn:xmpp:receipts' id='richard2-4.1.247'/>
  <body>Something here</body>

openfire stores this message even if the receipant is offline however xep 184 says otherwise . A receipt response shouldnt include any xml tag beside <received

I think this should be assigned as bug

I can’t find that requirement in the XEP. Can you point me to the section where that is stated? Also note the definition of SHOULD NOT in RFC 2119.

You can see that exactly in here

**When the recipient sends an ack message, it SHOULD ensure that the message stanza contains only one child element, namely the element **