XEP-0193: Proposed Resource Binding Improvements

I couldn’‘t find it on forums so I’‘ll ask here… are You planning to implement XEP-0193 (Proposed Resource Binding Improvements) in the near future? Binding multiple resources is in XMPP drafts now so it’'s going to be a standard soon (maybe not that soon;-).

Thanks in advance for answering!

Hey Wiktor,

We are currently not planning to implement that XEP. It would require a nice refactoring to the existing code to accommodate the new functionality. However, if you are willing to implement it we would be glad to help you in the process. At the end we can include your changes and make them part of the official release.


– Gato

Thank you for the quick and precise answer!

I’‘d really want to help you develop Openfire but I’‘m just starting to get to know it (and yet I’'m amazed how well it is done). I need to dig through the documentation and start thinking how this can be done.

Have a nice day!


Hello All,

I am in the process of evaluating Openfire vs. ejabberd for a remote sensor project and in the world of sensors being able use a single connection for multiple resources is a must. ejabberd does have support in the form of a patch, but the only thing I can find on the entire ignite site about it is this year old thread. So my two questions are

a) Has any more thought has gone into support of XEP-1093?


b) What type of “refactoring” are we talking about? Is this a case where the underlying connection handling and message routing architecture just would have to be significantly rewritten or is it something a little more benign?

Thanks in advance for any responses.