Xep-0273 support

I have chatbots communicating with IQ messages. I can’t send an IQ through OpenFire until after sending a presence message. That may or may not be to spec, I don’t know. But by sending a presence message I start receiving a lot of useless presence updates. The bots don’t need this information at all. The resources are well known and IQ’s are sent using a full JID.

I saw xep-0273. That looks like what I need. I don’t see anywhere that OpenFire supports this XEP. Any other ideas on quieting down the data exchange between these bots? They’re running on mobile devices where data and battery are both a concern. Thanks!


Have you considered using XEP-0114 External Components instead?


Yes, I use XEP-0114 a lot with the AGSXMPP SDK for C#. I need Whack for that in Java I think. Thanks for reminding me - I wonder if a Whack based bot can send an IQ to a XEP-0114 attached process without first sending presence. Interesting… That said, I did not have a lot of luck with Whack when I tried it out. For me the Smack API was easier to use. Maybe it just had better examples or something. Still that is a great idea, I’ll see what I can figure out. Thanks,

If my thinking is wrong please correct!