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XEP-0297 Stanza Forwarding

I’m trying to implement the XEP-0297 to forward a message.
Smack implements it, but unfortunately I am not able to find any usages example.

Can anyone provide a code snippet on how use it?


After few tries I found how to implement it.

To send a forwarded message:

val fwd = xmppConnection.stanzaFactory
            .setBody(text)  // text to forward
val ext = Forwarded(fwd)
stanza.addExtension(ext)    // stanza is the message to send

To receive it, in your IncomingChatMessageListener add:

val isForwarded = message.hasExtension(Forwarded::class.java) && 
val received = if (isForwarded) message.getExtension(Forwarded::class.java).forwardedStanza as Message else message
// do stuff with received

Make sure to trust/authenticate the sender of the message containing a forwarded message, and/or ensure that the forwarded message has the expected from/to attributes. Otherwise you have created an security issue. See also XEP-0280: Message Carbons § 11. Security Considerations.

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