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XEP-0421 Anonymous unique occupant identifiers for MUCs

Today i will prodly present XEP-0421 Plugin, which adds ability to use unique occupant identifiers in muc rooms.
This is needed for XEP-0424 Message Retraction or XEP-0308 Last Message Correction to give clients the chance to validate that retraction messages and correction messages are from the same sender as the original message.

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This looks really useful! Have you experimented with how it interacts with XEP-313 in the Monitoring plugin?

Not exactly with XEP-313 no. I had integrated XEP-308 and XEP-424 to JSXC and when i have read the XEPs i noticed that XEP-421 in the business rules section and thought is would be useful…
If you want to test the current jsxc client with all my changes you could take a look here:

I agree with Dan, this seems like a useful plugin. If you’re interested, we could discuss moving this to a repository (over which you’d have control) under Ignite’s Github account. That would make it easy to publish the plugin on the Ignite website (like all other plugins), which would improve exposure.

Of course we can move the plugin repository, including the other plugins for XEP389 and XEP418