Xiff 3 Beta - Requiring Flex?

Am i missing something or does the Beta require one to use FLEX?

The reason I ask this is it seems that the Roster class extends ArrayCollection which is not in the AS3 library but is part of the FLEX mx library.

Will someone please clarify this.

ArrayCollection belongs to the mx.collections namespace. I believe that you should be able to use any AS3 library from either Flex or the new Flash 9 as they were designed to work together (and will have even better support in upcoming releases).

From what I can tell the mx.collections library is not apart of the mx package that comes with Flash CS3. Do you have the collections library with your install?

ArrayCollection ist not found by Flash CS3.

Even once I downloaded the Flex lib, creating a room using the beta didn’'t work and gave me errors relating to the ArrayCollection class. Help!

This is an old thread, but still a problem more than 6 months later!?! I’m trying to create a package using flexbuilder 3 and it is complaining it cant find mx.collections.ArrayCollection

Has anyone got a fix for this?

Um… download the flex 3 SDK ?

Yup; The changes I’ve made to XIFF over the last month or so only increase the use of Flex API. Flex is free and can be cached by flash player to avoid eating up download bandwidth, so I don’t really see that this is a problem.

As both a Flex an AS3 developer, I think it’s a pitty that Xiff is becoming Flex-Only.

I have done several projects with the AS2 version of Xiff that involved extending the XMPP classes

to accomodate remote sensor readings. These apps had a lot of custom UI elements that were built on a custom framework

and can’t be to ported to Flex. So for me it means, no as3 version unless I modify Xiff.



There’s nothing stopping a pure AS3 project from using the Flex APIs (Flex and AS3 are not mutually exclusive technologies). You are not forced to use mxml or flex components just because you import from the mx namespace.

Well, not in principle: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/166162