XIFF 3 Beta

I’m happy to announce that we’ve just released an initial beta of XIFF 3.0, our open source ActionScript library for building XMPP clients. Continuing along the path set by Sean and the previous developers of XIFF, we’ve moved to embrace ActionScript 3 and Flex, while adding significant functionality improvements at the same time. Highlights include BOSH support, VCard support, and redesigned APIs. Feedback is strongly requested; It has been quite a while since a XIFF release, and a lot of things have changed, so I will be interested to see how the community feels about the direction we’ve taken things.

Some parts of this new release are still in a transitional stage. For example, SASL support is only available for BOSH connections at the moment. As more code is generalized between the BOSH and Socket connections, this limitation will go away.

XIFF 3 Beta —

Is it possible to use this under proxy servers???



I didn’t have time to do examples for this beta; subsequent ones (soon!) will include example code.

Im glad to see that work is going to continue on XIFF, after my initial AS3 port. I did an example Flex application that I have provided the source on my blog:


Unless there are major changes in the code, this will get you started with MUC, presence, and a few other key features.

This is great news! I’ll definitely be checking it out when I get a chance. Glad to see that all the work I did so long ago is still alive.

David – props to you for getting this up. I’m excited to see it getting more traction. Sean and Nick – we hope to continue the great legacy you started.

I think it is useless untill it has not the facility to work under proxy servers.

As most number of users are working under proxy servers and this api is not able to make connection under proxy (according to my testing ).